"The law in its majestic equality forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."  -Anatole France


For detail view my résumé. During twenty-five years of active practice, I have represented over 3000 clients and made more than 20,000 court appearances. I have tried more than 200 cases, most of them jury trials. My trial practice has focused on criminal defense, civil actions on behalf of plaintiffs, juvenile and family law, and the prosecution and defense of attorneys in bar disciplinary matters.  I have also provided legal services in a variety of non-litigation matters and served as an ethics consultant and expert. In addition, through court appointed, guardian ad litem work, I have sought the best interest of children.

 Throughout the years my practice has served the needs of:

  • Persons who face the loss of liberty;

  • Persons who have suffered emotionally, physically, or financially at the hands of another;

  • Persons whose marriages have become broken;

  • Parents who seek custody of their children;

  • Persons who want to exercise autonomy over end of life matters through wills and other documents;

  • Children whose behaviour brings them into juvenile court;

  • Children whose best interest need advocacy;

  • Attorneys who are accused of violating professional standards and face bar complaints;

  • Attorneys who want to practice ethically and seek ethics consultations


Hourly rate fees: Typically $200.00
Members of Central Presbyterian Church (Athens, Ga.)  receive
a 15% discount
Contingent fees: Typically 33 1/3% of amount recovered
Flat fees: Typically limited to criminal cases
(lump sum fees payable in advance)
Expert witness fees: $300.00 per hour



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